Projects of Pavement Evaluation

S.No. Title Sponsor/Client
31 Investigation of Kosi -Nandgaon - Barsana- Govardhan Road between Km. 1 to 3 and Km. 11 to 38 for failure and to provide remedial measures. UP, PWD
32 Detailed Investigation to Determine the causes of Distress on Thru roads in Agra Circle and suggest Remedial Measures. UP, PWD
33 Evaluation of Master plan Roads (60 mt. & 45 mt. Road and Needed Remedial and Improvement Measures DDA
34 Investigation of Meerut - Muzaffarnagar Road Section (NH-58) from Km. 72.600 to Km. 105 (Excluding Khatauli Bypass) to determine probable causes of Pre Mature distress and needed remedial measures M/s Gayatri Projects Ltd., Modipuram, Meerut
35 Evaluation of 130m ROW Road in Greater Noida and Recommend its Rehabilitation Design/ Crust. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
36 Improvement and Strengthening of Dhasa Najafgarh Road (Dhasa border to Vill. Mitron), characterization of materials & Job Mix for various bituminous mixes MCD
37 Post Construction Quality Audit for Improvement and Strengthening of Bituminous Road Works during CWG-2010 in CP, New Delhi NDMC
38 Strengthening and Resurfacing of road in NDMC area using modified binder in wearing course under riding quality improvement programme NDMC
39 Improvement and resurfacing of main roads of colony in R-III Division NDMC
40 Investigation to Determine and Ascertain Causes of Distress and Suggest Remedial Measures for the Runway Pavement at Jaipur Airport AAI, Jaipur
41 Evaluation of materials and quality control for restoration / reinstallment of road works for airport metro express line point of DMRC between New Delhi Station to Talkatora Garden METRO
42 Performance study on use of Fly Ash in construction of Bituminous Road surfacing NTPC
43 Evaluation of serviceability of pavement surface of Eastern & Western Express Highways in Mumbai Region from traffic safety point of view by assessing roughness index and skid resistance Maharashtra PWD
44 Third party quality checking of strengthening of roads in different pockets in Dwarka and Ghunmankhera Road from Najafgarh Dhansa Road to Daurala Border MCD
45 Third party quality checking for the road works in Kaushambhi Scheme at Ghaziabad (U.P) GDA
46 Third party quality checking for the works of construction of 40 m R/W road in Sector G-7 & G-8 at Narela Sub City EXN, Northern Division No. 12/DDA, DDA Office Complex, Narela, New Delhi
47 Determination of Pavement Classification Number of the Runway at Surat Airport and its Suitability for Use AAI, Surat
48 Evaluation of NDMC Roads (Lanes/Bye lanes under R-III Division) and needed remedial measures NDMC
49 Evaluation of Nazaf Khan Road towards recommending design for widening NDMC
50 Third party quality checking for the work of Strengthening of Roads in NDMC area using cold mix technologies NDMC
51 Evaluation and improvement measures for selected roads of NDMC (Phase-III) NDMC
52 Third party quality checking for the road works executed under special project fund (ESCROW Account) by dense carpeting in South Zone Executive Engineer (Project), MCD, New Delhi-10003
53 Third party quality checking for strengthening and resurfacing of roads in NDMC area under riding quality improvement programme (Phase-II) Executive Engineer (RIP), NDMC, New Delhi
54 Third party quality checking for Master Plan Road in Narela sub-city: Construction of 7 m wide carriageway on both sides if central verge for 80 m / 60 m Right of Way from Alipur Narela Road (Flyover End) to Western Yamuna Canal GDA
55 Third party quality checking for the work of Improvement and strengthening of road network in Indirapuram Area, Ghaziabad GDA
56 Economic benefits of Toll Roads in India IL & FS Transportation Networks Limited, Mumbai
57 Third party quality checking for strengthening and resurfacing of Roads in N.D.M.C Area (R-III Division): Microsurfacing Executive Engineer (R-III), NDMC, New Delhi
58 Development of National Document / Guideline on use of Weigh-in-Motion System in India for Axle load monitoring In-house
59 Design, construction and performance evaluation of new materials and mixes towards development and upgradation of standards / specifications In-house
60 Rationalisation of overlay design of flexible pavements using Benkelman Beam and Falling Weight Deflectometer In-house