Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

The main activities of PME Division are R&D planning, Performance Monitoring & Management, preparation of Annual & Five-year plans of the Institute. Manpower planning for different R&D Areas and Projects, Knowledge Management in Consonance with R&D needs, Identification and Monitoring of In-house Research Projects, Performance Awards, Coordination for Research Council and Core Committee of Institute are also important functions of the Division.

Services Offered

  1. Performance Management of CSIR Plan Projects
  2. Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Externally Funded Projects
  3. Development and Maintenance of Project Management System
  4. Monthly and Quarterly Performance Reports
  5. Technology Management & Business Development
  6. Review of R&D Performance 
  7. Compilation of Research Preparation
  8. Annual Budget Preparation
  9. Service Tax Payment
  10. Technical Audit

Staff List of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Division

Sh. P.V. Pradeep Kumar

Senior Principal Scientist

Sh. Ravindra Deekonda

Alternate HoD
Senior Technical Officer (1)

Ms. Nidhi

Senior Technical Officer (1)

Sh. Anshul Saxena

Technical Officer

Sh. Dinesh Prakash

Laboratory Attendant (1)

Smt. Santosh Devi

Work Assistant