Newly developed technologies for Noise Barrier based on different frequencies

In the recent past, CSIR-CRRI has developed a new technology which are of very high value to the Transport Fraternity. This Technology is now available for Technology Transfer.

1. Design of noise barrier based on different frequencies

  • Low frequency based noise barrier configuration ( Technology 1)
  • Middle frequency based noise barrier configuration ( Technology 2)
  • High frequency based noise barrier configuration ( Technology 3)

Noise barriers are the most effective method of mitigating roadway, railway, and industrialnoise sources other than cessation of the source activity or use of source controls. Noise barrier is used to shield receivers from noise especially transport sector. There are several existing noise barriers i.e. vegetation, concrete hollow block and panel concrete, brick and masonry block, metals (steel, aluminum, stainless steel), wood, transparent panels, plastics, Polycarbonate sheet (PC), Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA), fiberglass and recycled rubber.

Present invention is related to novel design of a noise barrier based on different frequency. The design is based on the principle of identifying the disturbing frequencies generated from transport sector. The specific frequencies are grouped into low, middle and high frequency ranges. Noise barriers are designed to specifically kill those disturbing frequencies. This invention is best suited for railways, metro etc where itching noise is a biggest problem on the curve portion. This is also best suitable for road intersections where honking is the biggest problem.

Advantage of the Invention

  • Making composite noise barrier panel is quite simple and it will solve the specific problem of the people.
  • Such types of composite noise barrier, is best for fixed source like metro train, aviation, Train pass-by noise inside forest area, honking of road transport, road intersection where honking noise are dominated.
  • Noise reduction, after installation of frequency based noise barrier is almost double from the existing noise barrier.
  • Minimum life of frequency based Noise Barrier is 20 years, without fatal crash due to unwanted circumstances. It would be reused, and has no harmful effect on human body, during installation and after installation.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of newly developed technologies is as follows:
Low frequency based Noise Barrier Middle frequency based Noise Barrier High frequency based Noise Barrier
0.89 to 0.91 0.94 to 0.96 0.95 to 0.98

These technologies are ready for Commercialisation, Interested firms may contact us for utilisation of these New Technologies.

The charges for these technologies are given bellow:
One technology for Rs. Twenty five lakh(25,00000/-), Two technologies for Rs. Forty lakh(40,00000/-) and Three technologies for fifty lakh(50,00000/-) plus prevailing tax only.

Interested firms may kindly contact following, the final decision for transferring of technology will be taken by Director, CRRI.

Contact Details:

  1. Dr. Nasim Akhtar,
    Principal Scientist
    Mob. No. 8745055999
  2. HoD, PME
    Phone no. 011-26922884
  3. Director, CRRI
    Phone no. 011-26848917