Maintenance Division

The main function of this Estate services is to provide Infrastructure related to R&D works. It consists of following divisions:

  1. Civil Engineering  (CIVIL)
  2. Electrical Engineering (ELECTRICAL)
  3. Maharani Bagh Staff Quarter- Maintenance (MBSQ-MTCE)


The main function of this division is to provide Civil Infrastructure related to R&D works of the Institute. Some of the works, in which CIVIL division is involved, are as follows:

  • Renovation of offices, laboratories, roads and other buildings/structures.
  • Constructions of offices, staff quarters, roads and other buildings/structures
  • Installation of equipment by providing suitable foundation / support etc.
  • Maintenance of all buildings, structures and roads
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Special repairs, waterproofing, etc.
  • Cleaning / upkeeping services of office campus & staff quarters.
  • Firefighting equipment installation
  • Development and maintenance of Lawns and Landscaping


The main function of this division is to provide Electrical Infrastructure related to R&D works of the Institute. ELECTRICAL division is looking after the following works:

  • Operation and maintenance of 11 kV substation, DG sets, Lifts
  • Internal and external electrification
  • Renovation and refurbishment


The main function of this section is primarily to maintain & construct the residential campus including flats/ quarters for the staff of the Institute. The section carries out works through contracts as well as in-house. The various activities on which the section is involved are:

  • Structural rehabilitation and maintenance/repair of all the buildings/ structures/ roads/ water tanks located in the campus.
  • Construction of building/ roads/ water tanks & other civil works like water supply & Sanitation.
  • Special & urgent repairs, water proofing works.
  • Fire fighting equipment installations & its regular upkeep.
  • All works related to electrical maintenance/New works.
  • Maintenance of electrical installations and lifts installed in multi-storey building.
  • Development and maintenance of lawns and landscaping etc.

Staff List of Maintenance Division

Sh. Ajay Kumar Jain

HoD Maintenance Division
HoD Quality Management & Mgmt. Rep.
Senior Scientist

Sh. Ashok Kumar

On Deputation

Sh. V.K.Tyagi

Senior Technical Officer (3)

Sh. Mukesh Kumar

Senior Technical Officer (2)

Sh. Vaibhav Varshney

Technical Assistant

Sh. H.L. Sachdev

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Kailash Kumar

Multitasking Staff

Staff List of Electrical Engineering

Sh. Om Prakash Yadav

Senior Technical Officer (2)

Staff List of MBSQ-MTCE

Sh. A. K. Tripathi

Superintending Engineer

Sh. Sunil Grover


Sh. D. V. Singh

Senior Technical Officer

Sh. M. R Meena


Sh. Tara Chand


Sh. Rohan Prakash

Technical Assistant

Sh. Amit Kumar

Technician (1)

Sh. Prem Chand


Sh. Raja Lal Manjhi

Laboratory Attendant (1)