Dynamic Heavy Testing

DHT LaboratoryDynamic Data Acquisition System

View of DHT Laboratory Dynamic Data Acquisition System



  • Overall Dimensions -46.0m x26.1 m
  • Strong Test Floor of dimension (25.0m x 12.5m) with holes for bolting the structure at every 1.0m
  • L-Shaped Reaction wall of dimension 8 m x 8 m AND 8 m x 6 m
  • Gantry girder of 30.0 T Capacity

Features of Fatigue Tesing System (FTS)

  • Actuator of ± 500 kN capacity with a maximum stroke +-125mm.
  • The Control Consol of the FTS is capable of generating Sinusoidal, Triangular, Trapezoidal and Pseudo Random Loads on the specimens.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack has the capacity of supplying oil to the servo valves at the rate of 180 rpm.