Design and Development of Car Driving Simulator (DDSIM) under the 12th Five Year Plan Network Project

“Development and Application of Sustainable Transportation (SUSTRANS)”

Sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Developed By

Nodal Lab: CSIR - Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi

Participating Labs: National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), Bangalore and

Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh

Fabrication and Development: M/s FAROS Simulation Systems Pvt. Ltd., Gurgoan

This R & D project has taken up as part of the Networking Project under the 12th Five Year Plan (FYP) sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR. On 14th August 2015, this facility was inaugurated by Director, CSIR - CRRI.

Salient Features of the Car Driving Simulator DDSIM

  • DDSIM contains various Modules for the assessment of the driving skills across varying terrains and weather conditions.
  • DDSIM possess Elementary, Medium and Advance Skill Levels coupled with associated modules having ‘Practice Phase’ and ‘Testing Phase’ for each level.
  • DDSIM contains typical road configuration and background details in the form of State of the Art graphics replicating the ground conditions on the Indian roads  
  • Three projectors mounted on the upper wall of the room produce hi-tech images of road infrastructures so that the drivers can get the feeling of driving a car.
  • DDSIM has been equipped to generate different roadside hazards automatically and similarly other stimuli can be created suddenly during the driving session by the instructor for which the driver is expected to react spontaneously while driving and the associated reaction time of the subject for such stimuli would be generated by DDSIM.
  • Psychomotor Trait Evaluation Module for evaluating the performance of the subjects in terms of their Reaction Time, Speed and Distance Judgment, Road Knowledge test, Reactive Stress tolerance test, Visual Acuity and Glare Test.
  • After performing intended tests, Driver Performance Report i.e. Driver Behavioral Traits + Skills can be generated which can be used as a valid training programme.

Other external devices like sensors for Blood Pressure (BP) monitoring to understand the status of body of the subject and similarly hi-tech electronics items like alertness device can be connected as ‘Add On’ devices for understanding the level of ‘alertness’ exhibited by the subject drivers during the driving test. This kind of evaluation would be helpful to understand how reactions change depending on physical and mental of the drivers, status, age and gender.