Technologies for Commercialisation/वाणिज्यीकरण के लिए प्रौद्योगिकियाँ

In the recent past, CSIR-CRRI has developed few technologies which are of very high value to the Road Fraternity. These Technologies are listed below and are available for Technology Transfer.

Technologies for Commercialisation:-

  • New Process for Preparation of Harder Grade Bitumen (VG40and VG50) for Formation of Asphalt Surfacing for Roads and Airfields
  • Stepwise Repeated D-stabilisation and Stabilisation of Collapsible Soil Mass by Soil Nailing Technique used for Construction of Railway/Road Underpasses
  • Electro Mechanical Field Density Gauge
  • Design and Development of Pothole Repair Machine
  • Utilisation of PVC Pipe Waste in Modifying Bitumen for Paving Applications
  • Use of Thermocol(expanded polystyrene) Waste in Hot Bituminous Mixes for Road Construction
  • Upgraded Device for Road Condition Evaluation
  • Vehicle Mounted Automatic Controlled Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit(MBIU)
  • Utilisation of Waste Plastic Bags for Modification of Bitumen
  • Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Road Embankment
  • Design of Visual Inspection Unit Including Structural Analysis and Mechanical Joints – copyright
  • Cinematography Film on Understanding of Real World Driving Cycle and its Development – copyright

Patents for above technologies have been filed. Technology Commercialisation process has been started, Interested Agencies may contact us for utilisation of these NEW TECHNOLOGIES.

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