Technical Services Division

This division provides technical services on fabrication jobs required to develop special equipments for R&D work. All Mechanical equipments used in R&D work. All mechanical equipments used in R&D are maintained by the division including transport vehicles fitted with R&D equipments. Also responsible for vehicles fleet management including repair & maintenance.


  1. Design and development of mechanical equipments required by R&D divisions
  2. Repair of mechanical equipments
  3. Repair of electrical equipments
  4. Repair of Temperature controlled equipments
  5. Repair of air conditioners
  6. Repair of desert cooler


  1. Car Washing Pump
  2. Spot Welding Machine
  3. Lathe Machine
  4. Welding Set Portable
  5. Surface Grinder
  6. Heavy Duty Bench Drill
  7. Machine
  8. Pedestal Grinder
  9. Gas Charger
  10. Automatic Pillar Drilling
  11. Machine
  12. Fly Wheel Press
  13. Universal Milling
  14. Battery Charger
  15. Siotter
  16. Universal Wood Working
  17. Machine
  18. Power Saw Machine
  19. Air Compressor
  20. Gas Welding Set
  21. Shaper

Significant Achievements

  1. Mould for I-Section Beam Casting
  2. Ponding cum Debris Expulsion Test Equipment
  3. Expansion Joint Testing Facility
  4. Nuclear Density Gauge Mounting Device
  5. lVDT Mounting Device
  6. Pavement Milling Attachment
  7. Vehicle Mounted Adjustable Stand for Video Camera
  8. Modification of Ambulance Cart
  9. Portable Podium
  10. Rig Mounting Trolley
  11. Falling Weight Impact Tester
  12. Fabrication of Chimney Models
  13. Fabrication of Cooling Tower Models
  14. Portable Pump Set
  15. Curing Tank
  16. Rut Depth Measuring Device
  17. Clamping Device for UTM samples
  18. P.C. Trolley

Repair of R&D and Other Equipments

  1. Automatic Soil Compaction Machine
  2. Compression Machine
  3. Repair of Gym Equipment
  4. Automatic Bitumen Compactors
  5. Marshall Hammer
  6. Core Cutting Machine
  7. Sample Casting Moulds
  8. Direct Shear Machine
  9. CBR Moulds
  10. UTM
  11. Rut Depth Measuring Device

Staff List of Technical Services Division

Sh. R.S. Bharadwaj

Senior Principal Scientist

Sh. Y C Tiwari

Principal Scientist

Sh. Subodh Kumar

Senior Scientist

Sh. N.K. Sharma

Senior Technical Officer (2)

Sh. Ashok Arora

Technical Officer

Sh. Mohd. Irshad

Senior Technical Officer (1)

Ms Renu Chadha

Senior Technical Officer (1)

Sh. P C Meshram

Senior Technical Officer (1)

Sh. Lakhbinder Singh

Technical Officer

Sh. KJS kapoor

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. H.L. Sachdev

Technical Officer

Sh. Kishan Swaroop

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Om Prakash

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Sunil Kumar

Driver(Non Technical)


Junior Stenographer