Skid Resistance

Skid Resistance Tester

  • skid-resistanceThis is one of the simplest, widely accepted and cheapest instrument used for the measurements of friction characteristics of road surfaces and aggregate polish value of curved laboratory specimens from accelerated polishing wheel tests.
  • It can be used to measure the slip resistance of the floor sports surfaces and walkways by using special sliders.
  • Measurements of skid resistance of Highways/Runways of pavement surfaces.
  • For the determination of skid resistance of road marking materials.
  • For obtaining reliable results with this method, tests should be carried out at a selected representative location. (ASTM-E303-1978)

skid-resistanceAccelerated Polishing Machine

  • The machine facilitate to obtain a rapid rate of polishing of aggregate specimens in which aggregate specimens of stone passes under a solid tyre wheel for a specified number of revolutions and is used for assessing the suitability of aggregates to be used in surface wearing course from consideration of wet pavement friction.
  • The change in the surface of the stone specimens resulting from the action of the tyre in the Accelerated Polishing Machine is finally measured in terms of the frictional resistance using “Portable Skid Resistance Tester”. (BS 812, Part 114,1989)