Recent Publications in Conferences

Topic Author Seminars/Conference
Network Connectivity Index and Delay Optimization A.V.A.Bharat Kumar
Ravindra Kumar
Purnima Parida
E. Madhu
Wafaa Saleh
7th International Symposium on Travel Demand Management in Tucson, Arizona, April, 13-15 2015
Parameters involved in making decision regarding selection of the most suitable Road Crossing Infrastructure – a review Mihir Prajapati
Mukti Advani
Purnima Parida
Pankaj Prajapati
National Conference on Transportation and Water Resource Engineering (NCTWE – 2015) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, April 25, 2015
Pedestrians’ Characteristics and Flow Analysis in Indian Context Natasha Singh
Rajesh Gujar
Purnima Parida
Mukti Advani
Capacity Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit System: A Case Study of Bhopal BRTS Purnima Parida
Anshuman Sharma
Ch.Ravi Sekhar
13th Annual Transport Practitioners' Meeting, Metropol, London, July 1-2, 2015
Effect Of Roughness on Free Flow Speed of Intermediate Lane Inter Urban Highways’ Patel Parin H
Ch.Ravi Sekhar
Pradeep Kumar
D. M. Rathva
2nd Conference of Recent Advances in Traffic Engineering (RATE’15) , Surat , July 3-4 , 2015
Evaluation of Idling Fuel Consumption of Vehicles across different cities P.V.P Kumar
R. Sekhar
Evaluation of Parking Facilities at Public Transport Terminal Simran Kaur
Neelam J Gupta
Subhash Chand
E. Madhu
Defining and analyzing Forceful Behavior at unsignalised Intersections Mukti Advani
P.V.Pradeep kumar
Identifying Suitable Methodology for Crossing Infrastructure for Pedestrians Mihir Prajapati
Mukti Advani
Purnima Parida
Pankaj Prajapati,
Exploring Public Transport Connectivity Index and delay in Delhi A V A Bharat Kumar
Purnima Parida
Ravinder Kumar
Mobile Bridge Inspection unit ka Bharat mein nirman ke pragti samiksha Dr S Gangopadhyay
Rajiv Sharma
Ravinder Lele
Rajiv Patel
Vinod Dahake
Farhat Azad
Rajiv Sethi
R K Garg
Rashtiya Vaigyanik Sangoshthi: Make in India, Hyderabad, July 8-10, 2015
Instrumentation and monitoring of embankment on soft soil. A.K.Sinha
Vasant G Havanagi  
U K Guruvittal
National symposium on advances in Instrumentation, Geo-monitoring and Validation, New Delhi, July 23-24, 2015
Geotechnical instruments for road projects in soft marine clay areas U.K.Guru Vittal
Alok Ranjan
Effect of higher axle load in flexible pavement using Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility Devesh Tiwari 9th International Conference on Road and Airfield Pavement Technology (ICPT) , China, August 9-13, 2015
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Typical Urban Bridges under Liquefaction Q I Kashif
R K Garg
6th international conference on Recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics, August 2015
Cold and Mild Mix Technology for Maintenance of Roads in Strategic Area- A way forward P K Jain
Siksha Swaroopa
Dr S Gangopadhyay
International Seminar on New Construction Materials Techniques and design in Bridge, Tunnel and Road construction suitable for infrastructure development in inaccessible Border Area, New Delhi, September 11-12, 2015
Innovative Method for Strengthening of Soil Using Biomass Based Additive for Pavement Construction Gagandeep Singh
P K Jain
Non-destructive Evaluation Techniques for Assessment of present Condition of Concrete Bridges Rajeev Goel National Seminar on Roads and Bridges, Agra, September 19, 2015
Transportation and Placement of Concrete Rakesh Kumar
Climate Change and Co-Benefits of Road Transport Policies.   Workshop Understanding Climate and Health Associations in India, New Delhi, September 22-14, 2015
Greener concrete using post-consumer products’ Tarun R. Naik
Rakesh Kumar
G. Moriconi
 International Workshop on Durability and Sustainability of Concrete Structures, Italy, October 1-3, 2015
Khatauli Bypass Road – Crash Analysis and Prevention Neelam J Gupta
Mukti Advani
B. K. Durai
S. Velmurugan
Road Safety and Simulation International Conference, Orlando, USA, October 6-8 , 2015
A review on effects of nanosilica and microsilica on microstructural and mechanical properties of concrete Lincy Varghese
VVL. Kanta Rao
Lakshmy P.
1st International symposium of Asian concrete Federation ACE 2015 on High Performance Concrete and 4th Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete ( ICI-ACEON 2015) Kolkatta, October 7-10, 2015
A Case Study on Pedestrian Crossing Behaviour at Signalized Intersection in Delhi, India Neelima Chakrabarty
Kamini Gupta
S Velmurugan
2nd International and 4th Indian Psychological Science Congress, Chandigarh October 8-9, 2015.
Suitability of Various Public Transport Options for Indian Cities Lakshmy Parameswaran CAETS Convocation 2015 Pathways to Sustainability- Energy, Mobility and Heath Care Engineering , New Delhi, October 14, 2015
Engineering Geological Assessment of Hill Rock Slope R K Panigrahi International conference on Engineering Geology in New Millenium EGNM-2015, New Delhi , October 27-29, 2015
Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridges as Part of a Transportation Network Q I Kashif
R K Garg
6th Conference of the International Society for Integrated disaster Risk Management ( IDRIM-TIFAC 2015), New Delhi , October 28-30, 2015
 Psychomotor and Cognitive Abilities for the Aircrew Selection Neelima Chakrabarty
E. Madhu
Airport Development Conference series ( AIRDEV 2015 ), Bangalore, November 4-6, 2015
Utilisation of Geosynthetic Reinforcement for construction and Rehabilitation of Bituminous Pavement Satish Pandey
U K Guru Vittal
Sunil Jain
International symposium Geosynthetics- The Road Ahead, New Delhi, November 5-6, 2015,
Application of Satellite Imageries, Road Conditions and Inventory Data Base in Smart Journey Planning - A case study of District in Bihar State in India Ravindra Kumar
Purnima Parida
R K Lal
Smart Urban Mobility, Conference, U.K , November 26-27 , 2015,
Stabilisation of Black cotton soil with sawdust Alok Ranjan
EGNM Conference (2015), IIT, New Delhi.
Development of Four Stage Travel Demand Model and Identification of Feeder Route for the NCT of Delhi Rejitha Nath,
Ravi Sekhar
E Madhu
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS-2015
“Performance Evaluation of Uncontrolled Intersection using Microscopic Simulation” Hemavathy M Kalaanidhi Sivagnanasundaram Gunasekaran Karupannan
Mukti Advani
S Velmurugan
14th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management – CUPUM-2015 , Boston.
 Why and when pedestrians walk on carriageway in presence of footpath? a behavioral analysis in mixed traffic scenario of India” Sobhana Patnaik
Mukti Advani
Purnima Parida
IUT urban mobility, November 2015
 Utilization of Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate in Pavement Quality Concrete and Dry Lean Concrete Binod Kumar
J. B. Sengupta
 14th NCB International Seminar on Cement and Building Materials, New Delhi, December 1-4, 2015
Developing Methodology to Assess Walking and Road Crossing Facilities Mukti Advani
Purnima Parida
International Symposium on Transportation Planning and Safety, New Delhi, December 3-5, 2015
Eco-friendly cold mix technology for construction of Rural Roads and Saving Life of Micro Organisms in Environment P K Jain
Siksha Swroopa
4th International Science Conference, Madhya Pradesh, December 5-7, 2015
Effect of Polymer-Metal Particle Interaction on the Morphology of Aluminium Nanoparticles R Singh International conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2015 (NANO-15), Tamilnadu, December 7-10, 2015,
गुरुतवाकर्षण का सिद्धांत Alok Ranjan
V K Kanaujia
Kanwar Singh
योगेश चन्द्र तिवारी
आर पी सैनी
राष्ट्रीय हिन्दी विज्ञान सम्मेलन , ग्वालियर, मध्यप्रदेश, दिसंबर 11-12, 2015
Patch fill : Innovative and green solution for repair of potholes in India Siksha Swaroopa
P K Jain
6th International joint conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology, New Delhi December 12-13 , 2015,
Carrier oriented pedagogy of geotechnical education A.K.Sinha
Indian geotechnical conference, Pune, December 15-19, 2015
Rock dynamic study for hill slopes adjacent to roadways R. K. Panigrahi
A.K. Shaw
Stress – strain behaviour of stabilised jarofix waste material. A.K.Sinha
V. K. Arora
Causes and remedial measures of malin landslide, Maharastra. A.K.Sinha
K. Kumar
Investigation and stability analysis of embankment bund. V.K.Kanaujia
V.G. Havanagi
'Field Performance Study on Modified Bituminous Road Sections of National Highway Corridors' Sanjay Deori
Rajan Choudhary
Devesh Tiwari
K. Sitaramanjaneyulu
 3rd Conference of Transportation Research Group (CTRG), Kolkotta December 17- 20, 2015
Laboratory Evaluation of Viscosity Grade Bitumen for their Compliance Properties for Performance Grade Bitumen M.N.Nagabhushana
Laboratory Analysis of Bituminous Concrete (BC) Mix Using Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) Devesh Tiwari
Shahbaz Khan
Deepak John Peter
Comparative analysis of bituminous overlay design thickness using Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Benkelman beam deflection (BBD) method Shahbaz Khan
M N Nagabhushana
Devesh Tiwari
P.K. Jain
Assessment of Driving Behaviour and Skills of Heavy Vehicle Drivers in India Neelima Chakrabarty
Kamini Gupta
Reetesh Rikku
Saturation flow of heterogeneous traffic at signalized intersection Shubham Sehgal
Neelam J. Gupta
Subhash Chand
S. Velmurugan
Feeder Transport System Facilities at Public Transport Terminals – A Case Study of Delhi Jasmeet Kaur
Neelam J.Gupta
Subhash Chand
Speed Flow Estimation for four lane and six lane divided national highways in India Reema Bera
Debashish Roy
Ashutosh Arun
Sandip Chakraborty
Sudip K Roy
Exploring Public Transport Connectivity Index and Delay in Delhi, A.V.A.Bharat Kumar
Ravindra Kumar
Purnima Parida
E. Madhu
A Pragmatic approach on use of Beneficiated Recycled Concrete Aggregate in PQC Mix Abhishek Jindal
G.D. Ransinchung
Praveen Kumar
Human Factor on Road Safety Neelima Chakrabarty
Purnima Parida
Kamini Gupta
S. Velmurugan
76th Annual Session of Indian Road Congress, Indore, December 18-22, 2015
Estimation of Carbon footprints as Bituminous Road Construction Process Siksha Swaroopa
Ambika Behl
P K Jain
Anuradha Shukla
Use of Construction and Demolition Waste in Structural Applications Lakshmy P.
S.S. Gaharwar
A Pilot Study On The Coping Behaviour of Drivers under Stress Situation as related to their Crashing Characteristic Neelima Chakrabarty
Kamini Gupta
S Velmurugan
XVII Annual International Seminar On Make In India: The Road Ahead, New Delhi, January 3-4, 2016,
Use of Fly Ash in Road Construction- Technical and Specification Issues   Workshop on “ Fly Ash Utilization in road Construction, Bhubaneswar
January 8, 2016
Determination of pedestrian level of service for undivided stairways at suburban rail station in developing countries Jiten Shah
G J Joshi
Purnima Parida
S. Arkatkar
95th Annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting at Washington DC, USA, January 10-14, 2016.
Examining Bus Dwell Time And Bus Lost Time Dynamics For a Bus Rapid Transit System Ankit Kathuria
M. Parida
Ch Ravi Sekhar
Manu Pathak
Bridge Bearings & Expansion Joints P. Lakshmy ING-IABSE Workshop on Bridge Bearings, Expansion Joints & Seismic Devices, Bhopal (M.P), January 15-16, 2016
Determination of pedestrian level of service for undivided stairways at suburban rail station in developing countries Jiten Shah
Gaurang Joshi
Purnima Parida
Shriniwas Arkatkar
Transportation Research Record (TRR), Transportation Research Board, Jan-2016. (SCI) (Accepted for Publication)
Effect of Stairway Width on Pedestrian Flow Characteristics at Railway Station Jiten Shah
Gaurang Joshi
Purnima Parida
Shriniwas Arkatkar
Functional Design of Car Driving Simulator Neelima Chakrabarty
E. Madhu
 National Workshop on Driving Simulator, New Delhi, February 10, 2016
Studies on Rheology of Asphalt modified ny Chromium Containing Waste of Leather Siksha Swaroop
P K Jain
International conference on " Materials, Design and Manufacturing Process (ICMDM 2016) , Chennai, February 17-19 , 2016
Cold mix technology for rural roads: An overview and Transfer model Siksha Swaroopa
P K Jain
Rajeev Agrawal
15th Annual International Conference on Sustainable construction materials, Pavement Engineering , Asphalt technology, Airport Pavement ,Engineering , Highway and Asset Management, Liverpool U.K, February 24-25 , 2016
Studies on" Modified Asphalt based Crack and Joint Repair System for Rigid and Asphalt Pavement Siksha Kar
Gajender Kumar
P K Jain
Road Distress Meeasurement Equipment Y.C.Tiwari
Renu Chadda
9th International Conference AdMet – 2016 CSIR-NPL, New Delhi, February 24-26, 2016
GIS data base for smart Road & Transport Management System Ravinder Kumar
Purnima Parida
Geo Smart India and Geo Smart Intelligence, |Greater Noida, March 1-3, 2016
Nanostructural Characteristics and Interfacial Properties of Nanoclays in Polymer Modified Bitumen Matrix’ Dr Rina Singh
A. Singh
R. Dhyani
International Conference on Materials Science & Technology 2016, New Delhi, March 1-4, 2016
Effect of nanosilicon on some properties of cement concrete Lincy Verghese
V.V.L.K Rao
P. Lakshmy
A Critical Review on HDM-4 Vehicular Emission Models N.Kumar
P. Aggarwal
S. Jain
Devesh Tiwari
 National Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering (RACE2016) , Surat, March 5 - 6 , 2016
An Approach for Reducing Carbon Foot Print in Asphalt Pavement V.L. Patankar
S.S. Gaharwar
International Conference on Sustainable Asphalt Pavement for Developing Countries (CONSAP2016), CSIR-CRRI, New Delhi, March 11-12, 2016
Cement Treated Grouted Macadam – A New Concept of Long Lasting Pavement Conference on Sustainable Asphalt Pavements M.N. Nagabhushana 
'Impact on Strength Characteristics Using Recycled Foamed Bituminous Mixes Siksha Swaroopa Kar
Dr Devesh Tiwari
Dr Aravind Krishna Swamy
Dr P. K. Jain
'Impact of Optimal Budget Utilization for Maintenance of Flexible Pavements Mayor Chopde
Prof. Sanjeev Sinha
Dr Devesh Tiwari
Pradeep Kumar
 Pavement Performance Prediction Models and Their Use in Road Asset Management Aakash Gupta
Pradeep Kumar
Praveen Aggarwal
K. Sitaramanjaneyulu
Fuel loss and related emissions due to idling of motorized vehicles at a major intersection in Delhi., Dr Niraj Sharma
P.V Pradeep Kumar
International conference on water, Environment, Energy & Society (ICWEES-2016) Bhopal, March 15-18 2016
Meteorological Factors influencing dispersion of vehicular pollution in a typical highway conditions N .Sharma
R. Dhyani
Using locally available materials for Rural Road Construction U.K. Guruvittal
Pankaj Gupta
N.K. Goyal
 Impact of urban air quality on workers in the vicinity of construction site in Greater Noida M. Gaur
M. Rao
G.D. Singhal
A. Shukla
National Conference on Advances in Sciences and Technology, Mandi Govindgarh, Punjab, March 3-4, 2016
Solid Waste Management: A Pilot Study to Create Awareness in a Rural Village of Uttar Pradesh, India M. Gaur
A. Shukla
National Conference on Environmental Concerns of 21st Century: Indian and Global Context, New Delhi March 11-13, 2016