Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)

IPR Details (Patent/Copyright/Trademark Secured in India/Abroad)
Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)Copyright filed by CSIR-IPMD vide “Design of Visual Inspection Unit including Structural Analysis and Mechanical Joints” No. 011CR2012, dated 30th August 2012.
Patent (jointly with CSIR-CMERI-CoEFM, Ludhiana) Entitled “Vehicle Mounted Automatic Controlled Mobile Bridge Inspection Device”, by CSIR-IPMD No. 2984/DEL/2012, dated 25th September 2013. This has now appeared on the Patent website.

The MBIU is an electro-mechanical device mounted on a truck which provides access to hidden parts of bridges or similar infrastructures for proper inspection.

The present version is the truck mounted system with an Aim to provide an economic solution for carrying out visual inspection of bridges on State and National Highways and can be operated by semi-skilled manpower at the site with minimal maintenance.

MBIU can be designed to suit a particular need such as for railways.
A video is available on YouTube:

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features

  • Its structural design conforms to Indian standards (IS 800, IS 806, IS 2266, IS 7205 & IRC codes) and the functional design conforms to American Codes (ANSI/SIA 92.8).
  • MBIU has been tested on a raised platform for its operation.
  • The MBIU is designed to be an economic solution and is easy to operate and maintain.

Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)Folding and unfolding : Automatic
Mounting Truck Model : Indigenous (21 T)  
Horizontal range : 10.0 meters
Width of Platform : 0.75 meters
Max. load on platform : 400 kg
Max. load on far end of platform : 200 kg
Max. lowering depth : 8.0 meters
Rotation of platform : 90°
L/ W/ H of unit : 10.0/ 2.5/ 4.0 meters.

Level/Scale of Development
The technology has been developed and one prototype has been prepared.
The prototype is owned and being used for projects by CSIR-CRRI, New Delhi.

Environmental Considerations
The device is environment friendly.

Status of Commercialization
Technology transfer to the following  industries:

  • M/s. Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd., Gujarat
  • M/s. Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra

Production has already been started.

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Most of the raw material is steel and commonly available indigenously.
Most of the raw material is steel and commonly available indigenously.
Major component is a truck and all other components are available in India.

It is a cost effective product compared to an imported device (nearly half of the imported unit) with low maintenance cost; it is an import substitute.

Technology Package
The technology package has been prepared and transferred to industries for production.

Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)

Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)