Mechanical and Transport Division



Thrust  Areas





  • Design & Development of Instrumentation  related  to highway Engineering
  • Non – Destructive testing of Pavements
  • Calibration of Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder  (ARUR) and Axle Mounted Roughness Measuring Device (AMRMS)
  • Repair & maintenance of electronic equipment
  • Design and development of mechanical equipment required by R&D divisions
  • Repair of mechanical equipment
  • Repair of electrical equipment
  • Repair of temperature controlled equipment
  • Repair of air conditioners and a.c. plant                                            
  • Auto fleet management
  • Carpentry works

Significant  Achievements

  • Development of Nuclear Density Gauges
  • Deveopment of Axle Mounted Roughness Measuring Device
  • Development of Vertical Profile Meter
  • Development  of Road Geometrics Measuring System
  • Development of Pavement Deflection Gauge
  • Development of Nuclear Methods for Density Measurement and Bitumen Content Estimation
  • Pavement Evaluation using Wave Propagation Technique
  • Development of Automatic Counting, Classifier & Axle Load Weighing System for Highway Vehicles
  • Development of Road Condition Evaluation Equipment



  • Fabrication of Mould for I - Section Beam Casting
  • Development  of Ponding cum Debris Expulsion  Test Equipment (Patent Applied)
  • Creation of Expansion Joint Testing Facility
  • Development of Nuclear Density Gauge mounting  device
  • Development of LVDT mounting device
  • Development of Pavement Milling Attachment
  • Development of Falling Weight Impact Tester
  • Fabrication of Chimney models etc.

Design & Development of Gym Facility





Patents Filed

  • Electronic Soil Settelement Gauge
  • Axle Mounted Roughness Measuring System
  • Vertical Profile Meter
  • Road Geometrics Measuring System
  • Nuclear Moisture & Density Gauge
  • A portable Device for Measuring in-situ field CBR values of Road Pavement Material
  • A  device for Road Condition Evaluation
  • Ponding cum Debris Expulsion  Test Equipment

Major Infrastructural  Facilities

  • Network Survey Vehicle
  • Vertical Profile Meter
  • Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete using Ultrasonic Method
  • Estimation of Bitumen content using Asphalt Content Gauge
  • Dipstick for Calibration of Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder (ARUR) and Axle Mounted Roughness Measuring Device (AMRMD)
  • Spot Welding machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Welding Set (portable)
  • Surface  Grinder
  • Universal milling machine
  • Universal wood working machine
  • Gas welding set
  • Shaper
  • 380 kva Automatic Diesel Generator Set


Staff List of Technical Services Division

Sh. N.K. Sharma

Principal Technical Officer

Sh. Subodh Kumar

Senior Scientist

Sh. Mohd. Irshad

Senior Technical Officer (3)

Sh. Ashok Arora

Senior Technical Officer (1)

Sh. Devender Kumar

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Lakhbinder Singh

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Kishan Swaroop

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Om Prakash

Senior Technician (1)

Sh. Santram

Laboratory Attendant (1)