Information, Liaison & Training

The Information, Liaison & Training Division acts at a nodal point between the Institute and outside agencies for promotion, utilization and implementation of Institute knowledge base. The main activities of the division include dissemination of information; research liaison; technology transfer; development of human resource; organizing specialized training programmes for the highway and transportation profession; and marketing of Institute's knowledge base.
Dissemination of R&D products is promoted through a variety of channels i.e. Publications, Annual Reports, Newsletters, National Get-together, participation in technical exhibitions to popularise the significant achievements.
Training is one of the important activities of the division. Regular refresher/ training programmes are organised on various aspects of road & road transportation to develop trained manpower for effective implementation of the research based technologies in highway projects. Besides, customized training courses are also organised meeting the requirements of the clients. Also interact with foreign organisations related to projects of mutual interest for exchange of scientific information.


  1. Training & Human Resource Development
  2. Event Management
  3. Marketing & Technology Transfer
  4. Press Policy


  1. Seminar Hall/Council Hall to Organize Workshops, Training Programmes and Seminars
  2. Training Facilities with Modern Projection and Audio-Visual Facilities
  3. Guest House
  4. Multi-media Facilities
  5. Photographic, Video recording and Lamination Facilities

Service Offered

  1. Human Resource Development of Highway engineer from Road Organizations
  2. Tailor Made Training Engineers for Highway Engineers
  3. Dissemination of Road Transport related Issues
  4. Road Research Work done in India
  5. Technical Exhibitions related to Road and Road Transport
  6. Publications-Annual Report, Newsletter, Brochure
  7. Technology Transfer and Marketing of Institute’s Knowledge Base
  8. International Scientific and Technological affairs
  9. Mailing of Publications

Training Programmes Offered

  1. CRRI organizes regular and customized training programmes. User agency can avail the training facility of CRRI.

Regular Progammes

  1. Design, construction and Maintenance of Airfield
  2. Bridge Diagnostics, Performance Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  3. Planning, Design , Construction & Maintenance of Rural Roads (PMGSY)
  4. Traffic Management and Safety
  5. Design, Construction and Maintenance of Flexible Pavements
  6. Geotechnical and Landslide Investigations for Highway Projects
  7. Rigid Pavements : Design, Construction & Quality control Aspects
  8. International Course on Dissemination of HDM-4
  9. Pavement Evaluation Techniques and their applications for Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  10. GIS application in Planning and Management of Rural Road Network
  11. Aspects of Transportation Planning and Environmental Impacts Assessment Studies for Roads
  12. Design, Construction and Maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Pavement

Customized Training Programmes

  1. CRRI also organizes customized training programmes on the request of the clients as per their requirement either at CRRI or Clients premises.

Staff List of Information, Liaison & Training Division

Dr. Neelam J.Gupta

Principal Scientist

Mrs. Kamla Masih

Senior Technical Officer (2)

Dr. H. Lokeshwor Singh

Technical Officer

Sh. Vijay Kaushal

Technical Assistant

Sh. Amin Ali Khan

Senior Technician (2)

Sh. Rakesh Kumar

JR. Stenographer (ACP)

Ms. Sumitra Bai