Establishment Section-ll

This section comprises 8 Assistants and headed by a Section Officer. The main work which are listed below relates to medical facility, advances, receipt & dispatch, contractual agreements etc. The section caters to serving employees as well as pensioners.



  1. GPF Advance
  2. LTC Advance
  3. Festival Advance
  4. Conveyance Advance
  5. Imprest Advance
  6. Computer Advance
  7. Medical/TDS


  1. TA/DA
  2. LTC
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Water Connection Bill


  1. Telephone Bills
  2. Newspaper Bills
  3. RGIS Monthly Payment & Settlement of Claims

DDO’s Function

  1. Income Tax
  2. Salary Disbursement (Preparation & Disbursement)
  3. Remittances
  4. Pension/ GPF/ Gratuity
  5. Cash Handling & Disbursement
  6. Making/ arranging payments to Contractual Workers
  7. Contractual Agreement
  8. Audit Matters


  1. Tution Fee
  2. Security
  3. Receipt (Internal/ Outside)
  4. Republic Day & Independence Day Observation
  5. Issue & Dispatch
  6. Advertisement
  7. House Allotment
  8. RTI Matters
  9. Vigilance Matters
  10. House Tax

Staff List of Establishment Section- II

Sh. Sanjeev Shankar

Section Officer

Ms. K.B. Verghese


Sh. Anil Kumar


Sh. Vijay Bhambota


Sh. Ramesh Badola


Sh. Sumit Pal

Jr. Secretariat Assistant

Sh. Sachin Kumar

Jr. Secretariat Assistant

Sh.Niranjan kumar Srivastav

Jr. Secretariat Assistant

Sh. Ashok Kumar

Jr. Secretariat Assistant

Sh. Dinesh Kumar

Multitasking Staff

Sh. Desh Raj

Multitasking Staff

Sh. Bhavesh paswan

HD Armed Guard